Tierney Steinke

Yoga Teacher + Studio Manager

Tierney was brought to yoga after experiencing years of pain caused by injuries from both an accident and sports. She began practicing yoga as many people do in these modern times; by following along with yoga videos at home. After a couple years of practicing at home, she began looking for something more than just a physical practice. This search brought her to Modo Yoga Las Vegas, and she immediately knew she had found a place to call home. As she deepened her practice at Modo, she was amazed by how yoga not only helped the health of per body, but also her mind, as it inspired her to live mindfully and without fear. After speaking with some of her teachers and dearest friends, she came to the realization that teaching yoga was what she was meant to do with her life.

After practicing with Modo for a year, Tierney took the plunge and attended her Modo Yoga Level 1 training in Nicaragua in January 2016. She considers that time in Nicaragua to be the most incredible and life-changing experience she has ever had! She completed her Modo Flow training in early 2017 and Modo Advanced training in December 2018. Her goal for every class she teaches is for her students to always leave their mats feeling a little bit better, and for them to carry that feeling out into the world and share it throughout their lives.