Learn to Teach

This module will give you the skills required to lead group yoga classes. These lessons are very practical and hands on. You are required to commit to live sessions over Zoom in order to participate in the physical component, group work and practice classes. These sessions will take you out of your comfort zone and into the exciting mindset of a new teacher, ready to explore the capacity of your voice, your body and your heart.

This portion of the training will take place over the course of six weekends online or as a 10 day online intensive. In Learn to Teach you will cover the following content:


1.Practice Teaching with Ezmeralda Stavroff:
This is where you actually teach asana classes as a group and get personalized feedback on your teaching. You will cover best practices for language, cues, intention setting, and class themes.


2.Posture Workshop with Robi McKenna:
In this lecture series we take the time to break down every pose in the Modo sequence. You will learn a deeper understanding of each asana exploring the anatomy, the benefits and, if applicable, it’s origin story in the roots of yoga philosophy.


3.Basic Anatomy with Karl Notargiovanni:
In this lecture you explore under the skin and become more comfortable with anatomical terms. You will learn the bones and muscles that are most relevant in the context of yoga and also a brief overview of the systems of the body.


4.Functional Anatomy with Julia Cowan:
Building on the foundation from Basic Anatomy, this lecture offers you a deeper dive into how your body moves. You will practice posture variations with the intention to observe, from experience, how the experience of physical asana differs from person to person.


5.Real World Teaching with Sarah Fossen and Sophie Malouin:
In this lecture you will learn the more practical components of being a yoga instructor. We offer good practice tips for teaching in a studio environment, teaching online and continuing to practice Yoga off the mat as you step into the role of Teacher.


Learn to Teach will have an opening circle, closing circle, presentations and more group bonding exercises. All sessions must be attended in live time in order to graduate.

Note: Part 2 – Learn to Teach accounts for an additional 100 hours of study. In total, our two part teacher training will account for 200 hours of study accredited by the Yoga Alliance. If you wish to be certified by Yoga Alliance you will need to apply directly with them. Becoming certified by Yoga Alliance is optional and not a requirement to be a Modo Yoga Teacher.

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