I completed my Modo teacher certification in Montréal in 2018. Years ago, when I rooted myself in that special room while lying down in Savasana I knew instantly this would be a tremendous part of my “now life” and how I look at this world. Moreover, the importance of it. The practice and the art of yoga became my passion: a forever learning journey that is much more than just a pose. It is the connection of life on earth and how we live it today. This practice is a confirmation that there is so much beauty found in the simplicity of just knowing how to connect.

In 2021, I added Modo Flow training to my learning experience.

As a life-long student, a mother, and with a career in the dental field for over a decade, I have found that Modo Yoga has made life simple, beautiful, and healthy in every possible way. It has made silence into music. My heart becomes so warm when I invite you to come practice your breath with me.