My love for yoga began on shaky legs in 2004.  I had made plans with a friend to meet for the Sunday morning class at the Downtown studio.  I was quite nervous to go as I was imagining that I would be the only inflexible one in the room, and also the fact that it was hot yoga (!) made it seem all the more daunting.  The moment of truth descended on me as I realized that my friend was not coming (she had slept in) and I can honestly say that I almost turned around and left.  I am so glad that I chose differently that fine Sunday morning.  I stayed – and I fell in love with a practice that had seemingly been waiting for me all of my life.

After practicing regularly for the next two years, I enrolled in the 2006 Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand.  It was a pivotal time in my life and I find that I am still reaping the benefits of having done that training.  I taught regularly at the Downtown studio for a few years until the birth of my first son in 2009.  At that time, I took a step back from regular teaching and went on to have another child and continued with my other work as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Over the years I have come into the studios from time to time to help facilitate special classes including restorative reiki and yoga nidra.  Now, in 2021, I am so thrilled to be back on a regular teaching schedule with Modo – oh how I have missed this fabulous community!

I am positively fascinated with the mind-body connection, human psychology and the natural ability for our bodies to heal.  I have a private practice at Priority Massage and Health in Wortley Village.  My treatments are informed by the principles of Somatic Experiencing to treat acute and chronic pain.  I also have an astrology business and enjoy offering readings to folks all over the country.

I am looking forward to spending quality healing time with you in the hot room! 🙂