Ali Smith (she/her)

Ali grew up in Vancouver, Canada, spending most of her time in skating rinks as a competitive figure skater. She first tried yoga as a teenager to heal her sport induced back pain and she gained SO much more in the process.

She coached skating for over 10 years and over that time, practiced many different styles of yoga. It wasn’t until she discovered Modo, that her true passion for the practice formed and she was hooked on the combo of the heat (especially after all those cold skating rink days) and the balance of strength and ease in both her body and mind. In 2014, Ali hung up her skates and came to LA for her first Yoga teacher training through Modo. She never wanted to leave and is so excited to be back to share her passion, authenticity and calm presence to this vibrant Modo LA community.

Ali continues to dive into “svadhyaya” (self study) after taking trainings in Modo, Modo Flow Vinyasa, Yin and Kids yoga, one of her favorite aspects of studying yoga is you are constantly challenging and learning about yourself through the knowledge you gain on and off your mat.

When Ali isn’t on her yoga mat, she’s most at peace with sand between her toes and the sun beating down on her.