Amanda Galloway (Such, she/her)

Love. Trust. Give. Receive. Experience. Grow. Follow your heart. Dream. Fly. Amanda lives her life with passion, a feeling which you’ll experience as soon as you meet her. Amanda will grace your presences with love and attention, creating a safe space for you to just be.  Amanda is a dreamer and doer, so get ready to fly, as she supports and encourages everyone to open their wings and soar. A natural born entrepreneur, Amanda lives her life to learn and has an amazing story, which has led her right to us.

Amanda has been practicing yoga and meditation since her first year of University in 2000. Amanda officially became a part of the Modo Yoga family in 2013 and has since continued to learn and grow in the yoga/ wellness world, first as a student and then a teacher. 

Amanda is writing her first book, she’s a Life Coach, travels to Bali twice a year to host retreats – if you haven’t joined her in Bali yet? Check out her retreat page: To follow her blog: