Angela Granziera

Angela is passionate about Modo Yoga. Her introduction to Modo came courtesy of an accident which broke L1, L2 and L3 vertebrae. In order to heal her spine, she found the heat and practice offered by Modo helped her body strengthen and heal. Even greater were the effects yoga had on helping her to slow down, to ground and to be fully present in the moment. The added surprise was the incredible community she found through Modo.
When she teaches, she strives to make everyone in the room feel welcome by making the practice accessible, enjoyable and challenging; perhaps even fun!
Prior to teaching, Angela worked in television sales and marketing. She is happily married, and has raised two daughters who inspire and amaze her and has a pup Luna. Angela lives in Santa Barbara, California, having moved from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. She teaches yoga in Georgian Bay July and August.
Angela believes that yoga brings empowerment to everyone who practices it and she is passionate about making it accessible and fulfilling for all. Her dream is to have a global yoga class to connect us all and generate peace and the sense that we are not alone!