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Beate Scholz (she/her)

Beate was born and raised in Holland and moved to California in her early twenties to pursue a career in fashion. She owned a successful agency representing designers for over 20 years traveling all over the world. She found Yoga in 2004 in search of balance during a hectic time of her life.

In 2011 the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008 forced her to take a good look at her life & career and pivot. She decided to fully immerse herself into a Yogic lifestyle guided by the brilliant and radical Cheri Rae, at Peace Yoga Gallery in DTLA. A complete transformation took place over the first years through intense daily Ashtanga Yoga practice. She learned to chant mantras and play harmonium from a gifted Indian musician and made the shift to veganism.

Beate went on to study with well-known teachers Annie Carpenter, Sheela & Sreedevi Bringi, Govind Das founder of Bhakti Yoga Shala, Tracee Stanley, as well as Indian Swamis during an advanced Teacher Training program in Rishikesh, India.

Beate is first and foremost a dedicated student as well as a passionate teacher. She has a deep love for music, especially Kirtan and Indian Ragas, and is a devoted Bhakti Yogi. She feels blessed to live and breathe in Topanga, California which is where she feels most at home and in peace.

Beate sees Yoga as the science of well-being, following the eight-limbed path by Patanjali, with the ultimate goal of leading a balanced life, that leads to inner peace, happiness and Self Realization. 

Serving and healing the world starts with ourselves.