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Beth Imai (she/her)

Beth spent most of her childhood in the snowy mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho before relocating back to her birthplace of Los Angeles to pursue music in 2006. Beth is a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist and the driving force behind her indie band ‘Sabals.’
After suffering some mysterious health issues in her early 20s, Beth sought to find natural healing modalities. Her life took a sharp turn when she began practicing yoga asana and strength training at 23. Steadily, through dedication and consistency, her ailments disappeared entirely. Apart from the physical changes, she was left with a clear head and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for life.
After nearly a decade of dedication to her asana practice and diving deeply into the philosophy of Hatha Yoga, she was naturally drawn to teach others. With an accomplished 800+ hours of training, she hopes to inspire students to deepen their connection to self (and beyond).
It would be remiss to not mention that Beth is an enormous fan of cats. Her 3 panther fur children make frequent appearances on social media.