Britton Darby (she/her)

My first career was in the dance/ arts and performance world. I worked on and studied many movement techniques and felt very connected to movement as my main language and form of expression. Yoga and the healing arts became prominent in my life around 17 years old when I was healing from my first major dance injury. I was hooked immediately to Modo Yoga and over time helped build the brand by working closing with my mentor Dina Tshlouhas and eventually launching Modo Yoga in NYC.

The practice of teaching is like being a student of life. I prioritize deep listening when I teach. I think it is super important that teachers and leaders of any organization listen first and foremost and respond intuitively to what you observe. I teach with energetic body cues as well as anatomical focussed queuing. What keeps me coming back to the practice of teaching is my passion for bringing students closer to themselves via developing a stronger bond with their bodies, minds and hearts through breath work and asana. In transforming our relationships to ourselves, we transform our relationships with the world.