Chance Taylor (he/him)

Chance is a Los Angeles native who found yoga after sustaining a running injury. It started only as a way to stay active, but soon took on a whole new meaning besides just being a physical practice. What he thought was just a challenging physical practice also became a consistent mental and emotional practice, and Modo has since changed his life. After a year of practicing at Modo, much encouragement and serendipity led him to completing his Level One Training in Seattle in 2017.

When Chance isn’t teaching, he is composing music for film, arranging and playing guitar in bands around LA, or even playing live music in other teachers’ classes at Modo. As much as music is a passion for him, Chance is also very passionate about yoga, and thinks the two should go hand in hand. Chance looks forward to incorporating more of his own music into his teaching, and sharing the Modo practice with his community.