Dalton Grant (he/him)

Dalton was led to yoga forcibly at first, not really understanding what all the fuss was about and then drawn in by physical expression and the athleticism of the practice after a few classes. The hooks were in. He was then invited to a Modo class in the beginning of 2012. It was there, that he realized that yoga was not only a physical practice but it went beyond into the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of his life. It was “it”. “It” was the “experience” of yoga not just the athleticism.
Dalton offers “experiential yoga” It isn’t just physical. It isn’t just getting bendy and doing poses. His aim is to create the conditions in the room for the students to have an experience and not just a class. Connect to everything in the human condition. The heart, the soul, the mind, the ego and the body. Bring them all out to play and watch them dance. How you do anything is how you do everything… so let’s do this.
Fun Fact: Dalton once tackled Keith Richards.