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Deacon Conroy (he/him)

Deacon took his first yoga class at 8 years old during a P.E. class at his grammar school in the Chicago suburbs.  He remembers laying on a mat in Savasana, staring up at the ceiling in his school’s gymnasium feeling a different sense of calm.  That feeling lasted for a while because it took about 25 years for him to take another class…and after that he was hooked. 

Deacon loves blending body connected vinyasa, mindfulness, breath control, and therapeutic nervous system awareness into my classes.  He believes Yoga is how you live your life, not just what you do on the mat.  It is a practice that allows for greater understanding of the space and interconnectivity of me, you, and of us all.  Yoga is a gift, and Deacon loves every moment of being able to share that gift in his classes.