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Emily Morwen (she/her)

Emily, a Toronto native, was first introduced to yoga in 2000 in New York City where she was studying theater and the art of becoming an anxiety-ridden insomniac! At the time, the thought of yoga meant “slowing down”, which was terrifying and seemed better suited for “hippies” and “tea people”, not she! But after accidentally stumbling into her first class, she was shocked to discover that this “slowing down” was not only the most challenging sweaty work-out she’d ever had, but for the first time in ages, she felt a deep sense of peace. Excited and inspired to learn more, she began her study and practice of yoga.

Emily has been teaching yoga for 10 years and has completed over 2000 hours of trainings, yet will always consider herself a student. In addition to teaching group classes, Emily has also taught many one on one yoga session to students ranging from 3 to 83 years old! She is the creator of Yoga Theater for Kids (which she taught in schools, and foster youth programs throughout LA). Side note: she’s also a total theater nerd who wrote, produced and preformed in her own critically acclaimed solo show which she toured around north America- ask her about that sometime…
In 2011, Emily and her incredible partners opened up Modo Yoga LA on La Brea, which quickly won Best Yoga Studio in LA in Los Angeles Magazine 2013. She then co-opened Modo Yoga Seattle, and is set to co-open Modo Yoga East (in Echo Park) and Modo Yoga West (Venice). When Emily is not teaching or being an entrepreneur/community builder, you can find her immersed in philanthropic work. Emily and her partner, Deena, co-founded the campaign Sweat for Change which, by it’s second run, has raised over $300,000.00 for Little Kids Rock, a non-profit that bring music education back into underprivileged public schools.

Emily’s deep intention is that Modo Yoga LA is a home for individuals to connect to their breath, to each other and ultimately to their truest self.

PS. Emily LOVES to sing harmonies, especially when it’s with her buddy, Deena… look out for them in class, they are know to pop up with some surprise lullabies.