Emmie Danza (she/her)

Emmie’s approach to yoga and movement is practical. Her passion for movement began early on with dance and has evolved throughout her life to become a method in maintaining strength, fostering flexibility, and generating joy. Over the last decade, Emmie has studied the teachings from a variety of yoga lineages in an effort to better understand her relationship to self and others. In doing so, she has discovered how mindful movement and yoga can create a container to explore theoretical concepts and ideas that bridge the gap between the personal and the collective. Emmie loves nothing more than to share these learned tools and techniques through meaningful connection and accessible instruction so that others can benefit from the practice the way she has. Her goal is for her students to step off of the mat feeling like the best version of themselves so that they can navigate the world with kindness and grace. Put simply: it’s easy to find joy when you feel good.