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Jacque Ramirez (she/her)

As soon as Jacque was old enough she began assisting her mother, a licensed Trauma Therapist on trips to India where she was surrounded by healers from various lineages. On these trips to South India following the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami, she began to step further into her purpose of learning how to help others. She spent a lot of time supporting the trauma teams as a photographer and assistant, often finding herself taking the workshops with the locals and hanging out in the outdoor kitchens. Realising the work is never done, each time she would return to India with a new team under the guidance of her mom, her connections there deepened. 

In India there was a certain way they looked into her eyes which she had never experienced before. It sparked  the senses of her inner knowing and familiarity with something bigger than herself.  On one trip in particular, the team headed further south to Tiruvannamalai, home to Arunchala where she received a direct message from God about the direction she needed to take in her own life. 

At this point in her life she was now living in Singapore working as an Art Director for a local design company. She had taken up a strict Hot yoga practice and after that trip to India, she returned to Singapore and immediately quit her job. In 2009 to complete her first 200 hour HOT YOGA teacher training with Absolute Yoga.

Over the next 7 years in Singapore she went on to complete 200+ hours in Anusara hours and after giving birth to her son in 2012 she completed her 100 hours certification in Mindful Birth for Pregnancy, Birth & Baby. She’s respectfully clocked over 7,000 teaching hours in Asia and California. While physical practice is always present in her life, Jacque is known as a grounding force, a teacher of inner wisdom, rooted deeply in yoga’s philosophy and history. Jacque is currently based in Marina Del Rey, California and studying with Deepak Chopra towards a certification in Meditation and a co-founder and teacher for 200hr teacher training.