Julia Ernst (she/her)

An artist, writer, and lifelong sun-salutationer, Julia has yoga to thank for enriching all areas of her life. Ever since her first vinyasa at the tender age of 12, Julia knew that she wanted to do more than practice yoga — she wanted to share it with anyone willing to listen to her gush. She did her first YTT at age 19 when she spent a month in Ubud, Bali studying with Shades of Yoga’s full immersion Hatha yoga program. There, she fell in love with the philosophy and culture of yoga beyond the postures, building a crucial foundation of respect and appreciation for where this practice comes from and who we have to thank for it.

Julia’s goal as a teacher is to make people feel free, safe, and seen in their bodies. She believes in yoga as a vessel for connection with both our internal worlds and the external world around us. She encourages this by exploring creative sequences and intuitive movement while reminding her students that the practice of yoga is about so much more than the physical asana. 

When she’s not on her mat, Julia can be found covered in paint, picking and pressing wildflowers, or soul-bonding with strangers’ dogs in coffee shops.