Lindsey Waguespak (she/her)

Lindsey first sought out yoga as a form of exercise that would hopefully fill her void of dance. There were just enough similar elements of yoga to provide familiarity, yet different enough to hold her interest. The time between ending dance and beginning yoga was spent in fitness environments that were isolating and often times intimidating. “I knew I needed a structured exercise routine, but I didn’t know I needed a community.” Modo Yoga LA gave her both. It wasn’t until she found herself practicing daily that she realized she loved it. As her practice grew, yoga became much more than simply a workout. It became a way of life. This lifestyle made such a profound impact on her health that couldn’t resist sharing it by becoming an instructor.

Lindsey’s creative sequences focus on refining movement patterns for joint safety, core strengthening, and breath work to calm the nervous system.

Fun Fact: Known to sleep at least 9 hours a night. The world needs me recharged and energized!