Mark Mostaed (he/him)

Mark began practicing yoga in 2009 in college, finding a sense of relief from the pressures of being a young adult. It was not long after that he found Modo yoga in Cincinnati and yet again the physical and mental release that asana brings from everyday modern life. Understanding that benefit awakened an inquisition into the depths of the practice, leading him to seek more as he entered teacher training in 2011 in Montreal.  It was a few years later through a twist of fate when he (re)met his wife Charlotte and subsequently their daughter Sage that he recognized the true practice of yoga as something beyond the physical and energetic release, integrating the practice into his everyday life through an attempt to serve others whilst taking care of himself. Today he teaches yoga at Modo LA in Venice, where you can find him most likely upside down jamming to some good beats and sweating it out. 

“Yoga has provided a means and context for the primordial universal consciousness to pour through me and guide the path that we are all, as sentient beings, moving and evolving forward through together.”