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Mollie Adolf (she/her)

I first tried yoga when I was 7 years old at a weekly father daughter class (I was one of the daughters). I’ve been evolving with my practice ever since.

As is the case for many young people, particularly women, somewhere in my early adolescent years my body became a cage instead of a vessel, and all exercise, yoga included, became a “fix” instead of a sacred ritual of self care.

I have those difficult years and the challenge of recovery to thank for the religious awakening that is my present day yoga practice, which I named Body Prayer.

My passion for teaching emerged when I realized I could share the revelatory union of yogic philosophy and recovery with others. They say you only ever teach what you need to learn, and that’s never felt more true to me than in my yoga practice. Even though I have knowledge to share, I’ll always be a student first and foremost. I draw inspiration from sacred Buddhist and Hindu texts as well as insights I’ve gathered on my road to recovery.

Yoga enriches my life off the mat too: I hike with my angelic husky girl, create handmade healing crystal jewelry for my small business and donate a portion of the profits to a rotating list of BLM, intersectional LGBTQ+ and humanitarian organizations. I love to watercolor, read, surf, skate, write and perform comedy. I just moved to LA and could not be happier to be planting my roots at Modo!