Olivia Spralja (she/her)

Olivia hails from Toronto (CANADA!) and grew up in a fun, loving, artistic environment. She discovered hot yoga at the age of 18 (thanks uncle kenny!) and the flame was ignited. After over a decade of dedicated practice, trainings, studio openings/closings, she can confidently say that yoga and movement changed her life. Olivia was teaching HIIT Pilates and yoga at Modo in Toronto before she moved to L.A. in January 2020 to join the incredible MYLA team. Eternally optimistic, Olivia’s passion for creating an EXPERIENCE is what drives her to lead classes filled with spirit, joy, challenge and ease. Olivia loves rainy days, burpees, Bonnie Raitt, XXL sweatshirts and that rosewater mist from Whole Foods. If she wasn’t teaching, Olivia would be making music playlists full time.