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Simonee Chichester


Simonee is a believer who’s also deeply grounded. She carries an eternal optimism that’s alive in her teaching with deep roots in integrity. Her journey into yoga began 23 years ago in the warmth of a Bikram Yoga studio that later became the first Moksha Yoga, now known as Modo Yoga. There, she discovered a welcoming community of teachers and students, including fearless leaders Jess and Ted who started Moksha/Modo and who shared a passion for self-expression, inclusiveness and personal growth. With over 13 years of teaching experience, Simonee has honed her skills through various training programs, including Modo, Modo Flow, Yin, Vinyasa Sequencing and Yoga Therapy. Beyond the yoga studio, Simonee’s heart is filled with boundless love for all animals and she’s also a talented writer and director of film and television projects.

As a natural leader, Simonee’s path is guided by intuition, creativity and unwavering determination. She effortlessly bridges the realms of filmmaking and teaching, recognizing the common threads that weave through both: a clear vision, a compelling narrative, and the ability to lead and inspire a group to thrive and make good in the world.