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Siobhan Louwman (she/her)

Siobhan took her first yoga class at Modo Yoga Uptown in Toronto, Canada while studying dance at Ryerson University. It was a space where she could go to escape the pressures and demands of the competitive and physical program she was in. Where she could celebrate her body through movement and rest and rejuvenate. She immediately fell in love and did her first Vinyasa flow and Pilates teacher trainings in 2009 at Tula Yoga, Toronto. Once certified she began teaching at Tula along with Modo Uptown, Modo West and Iam Yoga. She lived and breathed yoga and Pilates and in 2011, she stepped into the teaching director role at Iam Yoga in Toronto working for her friend and mentor, Linda Malone. This is where Siobhan and Linda created the concept of Core Flow, a Vinyasa class that incorporates core strengthening in between blocks of Vinyasa. This fiery core focused class was the next logical step for her as it was a way to weave her Pilates knowledge into a Vinyasa class. In 2013 Siobhan was asked to join the faculty of the Sangha in Trinidad, teaching basic anatomy and the art of sequencing. Later that year she co-directed the Iam Yoga teacher training. In 2014 Siobhan followed love to New York City where she found herself practicing, sometimes up to 3 classes a day, at Modo NYC. Soon after with the support of the incredible Modo NYC owners, Siobhan was offered a full time teaching position. In 2015 she traveled to Nicaragua for the Modo teacher training and she completed her Modo Flow training in 2016. Under the mentorship of Britton Darby and Guillaume Brun, Siobhan took up the co-teacher development role where she had the privilege of being part of the growth and development of so many incredible teachers. After working for Modo NYC for six years Siobhan, her now husband, along with their two dogs, decided it was time to chase the sun all the way to California. Siobhan is ecstatic to be joining the Modo Los Angeles community.