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Following more than two decades in varying corporate administrative positions, Danny’s growing penchant for health and physical conditioning eventually lead him on a path toward holistic wellness.  Shortly before attaining certifications in fitness assessment and personal training, Danny was introduced to yoga while traveling abroad. That initial introduction to Hatha yoga piqued Danny’s interest in this expansive discipline.  It was shortly afterwards, upon his return to Canada, while attending his first hot yoga class, that Danny experienced a truly cathartic revelation – it was clearly evident that the mindfulness, conscious breathing, and inter-connectivity that yoga cultivates was an ideal complement to the rigors of conventional fitness.  In the summer of 2004, Danny completed the inaugural Modo (then Moksha) Teacher Training certification program. In the ensuing years, Danny has been fortunate to be able to further his yoga studies in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Mindfulness, and other movement practices under the guidance and influence of several highly accredited, inspiring, and heart-centred educators. Danny’s love and passion for yoga grows with every passing day. He credits his teachers, students and family for his continually evolving perspectives and understanding about acceptance, non-attachment, surrender, and unconditional love.  Danny’s classes are informed and empowered by the practitioner, and have been described as accessible, challenging, grounding, and introspective, with creative and perceptive sequences and transitions.