Jacqueline started practicing yoga in 2010, but it was only after she took her first Modo Yoga class in 2014 that she really began to fall in love with her practice. The breath and movement really resonated with her and how it allowed to create moments of stillness in her life. Developing a deep connection with herself and not to mention the sense of community that Modo Yoga offered, went above and beyond just the physical practice for her.

Jacqueline shares her love and happiness with everyone she encounters at the studio. She loves music, dancing, the moon, journalling and mediating with her crystals. She also highly values her support system of family and friends. As a full time high school teacher, she has a rich passion for learning and growth, and brings this enthusiasm through her teaching.

Having just completed her Modo Yoga Teacher Training during July 2018 in Kelowna, her journey as a yoga instructor has only just begun to sprout from baby seeds and she cannot wait to stand witness as it blooms.