Meg rediscovered yoga during a difficult time in her life. The physicality of the practice, the mental and emotional benefits as well as the support and structure of the Modo community were exactly what she needed. Stepping back on to her mat allowed Meg to slow down and see the world and her life in a new light and to make the conscious decision to choose a different path.

In October 2018 Meg completed her Modo Level 1 Teacher Training in Montreal and has savoured every moment of the journey. Meg, a forever student, is looking forward to taking a Yin training  in the upcoming year.  She is excited to absorb all the knowledge and insight she can from her teachers, and have the opportunity to share it with her community!

There is nothing comparable to that feeling you get when you close your eyes, tune inwards and breathe. Each experience is new and different – always changing. I have learnt the most about myself while on my mat or enjoying a few moments of silent meditation – just me and my breath.