With over 10 years of teaching experience, Naomi dedicates her time to understanding the intricate connections between the physical, emotional and intellectual systems of our bodies. She combines her knowledge and experience in Yoga, Pilates, The Alexander Technique, Dance and Fitness to create classes with emphasis on breathing, postural awareness, core strength and inner confidence.

While performing around the world as a professional contemporary dancer, Naomi suffered many injuries and tried all different modalities of physical therapy, but in the end, Movement Therapy was the ultimate healer. Once she began to understand the significance of functional exercise to ones overall health and lifestyle, she was devoted to continually learn and share with others the importance of mindful movement and all its benefits.

I am truly grateful for all my teachers and mentors, It is because of them I am inspired and dedicated to sharing my passion for movement, as it pertains to ones overall health, by offering others tools to become their own teachers.