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Yoga is my love, my breath is my healer, my heart is my truth.”

Being involved in the world of yoga since 2007, Paria has come to discover many parts of herself that contribute to the wholeness of her being and unite her with all that is in this world. Paria is inspired by music, art, movement, the stars, her family, friends and teachers, dogs, the ocean waves, the ray of the sun, butterflies, babies, the trees, all beings, brush of the wind, sweat from her skin, the fall of the snow, anatomy, food, and life!

Life breathes through you when you are moving, and when you are moving you create space for exploration, connection, evolution, and healing. Paria’s intention is to awaken each of these elements in her students through the practice of yoga. With her knowledge and experience rooted in Psychology, Mindfulness, Dance and various forms of Yoga, Paria is dedicated to creating and holding space for students to unfold breath by breath, to become a conscious witness to the now, and to grow love. Paria’s wish is for all hearts to open and for all healers to discover themselves.