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Sharon is a busy mom of three children and a former Child Care Teacher. She discovered yoga after an injury in 2013 and immediately felt a connection between her mind, body and soul after taking her first Yoga class. Modo Yoga Maple became her second home where she began to learn that time for herself was essential. In 2016 she felt the need to deepen her yoga practice and went on to complete the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal. It was at this month-long intensive training where she not only deepened her yoga practice but also became excited to bring her new experience of Yoga to all those around her. 

Along her yoga teaching journey Sharon discovered that bringing yoga to every “body” led her to obtaining her Accessible Yoga Certification in New York City. 

Sharon’s friends and family know her as the one with the calming voice who loves spending time in nature. She is excited to continue learning, sharing her love for yoga, and welcomes everyone to her classes.