In 2009 Tanya began her yoga journey when she started practicing Modo Yoga. Since then she has worked at establishing a deeper growth. At first she thought the expansion would be confined to her mat, and soon she discovered not only a physical but both an emotional and mental transformation too. During her time teaching yoga she has experienced a sense of reassurance that she is exactly where she is meant to be. Tanya immediately fell in love with this graceful practice that resembles forms of dance she practiced throughout her childhood. Yoga is her passion, it has helped her establish an authentic self while shedding all the layers of the exterior.

In addition to yoga she is a certified Nutritionist and completed a double degree in Psychology and Business. When Tanya isn’t teaching yoga she usually spends her time traveling the world or outdoors in nature, with her animals normally near a body of water. Tanya finds the earth to be very grounding, no matter what is occurring throughout her life; it just gives her a sense of security and protection. Also her love for water carries a deeper meaning, emphasizing life and how we are all meant to let go of resistance and let life flow like the tide of an ocean. Tanya plans on utilizing her practice and education to enhance the overall wellbeing and awareness of people by connecting their mind, body, and soul.