Modo Teacher, Modo Flow Teacher, Yin Teacher

Bob took his first yoga class on a bet in 2002 and has never looked back. Five years later in July 2007, he took the teacher training to help move his practice to a new level. A teacher (Michael Stone) once said during his training made a comment that stuck with him: “Remember you are always first and foremost a student just at a different level along this yoga path” (or something along these lines). As of July 2010 Bob left the corporate world after 34 years to teach and paint and start a new leg of His journey.
Bob loves the north and the water! He spends much of his time in the woods in the Bancroft area, where he has a cabin at the water’s edge. He is an artist, loves poetry, music and feels that all of these experiences are an extension of his Yoga Practice. When he is present he does his best writing, his best painting, and his best yoga.
And so begins a new phase of the journey!!!!