Modo Teacher
Ciarize is first a loving mother of one and  very family driven. Her yoga journey began when she took her first class in 2009, and a year later made one the best decisions of her life. She completed the Modo Yoga training in Montreal 2011. She also attends workshops by well renowned Yoga Master teachers at the yoga conference in Toronto every year. Ciarize has recently attended Seane Corn’s one week Vinyasa Flow Training in October 2013. Although she loves teaching, she believes the foundation to being a good teacher is first being a student. Yoga has provided her with a sense of love and peace in which she wants to share with the rest of the world. She continues to involve herself with the Modo community by infusing the 6 Pillars into her daily life and sharing it with others. Yoga has helped her by learning how to love herself, having an open mind and heart to see things in different perspectives and people in different lights. Ciarize believes people find yoga for a reason or that yoga finds them, perhaps even both!