Katie P

Katie is a versatile teacher who has shared the practice of yoga with many people, in a variety of settings over the last 9 years. Her passion for teaching is fuelled by her own experience with the deep healing and relief yoga has provided. Not wishing to rely on strong steroids prescribed for a serious form of arthritis that she was afflicted with, she searched for a more natural way to restore her health. Yoga has become a non-negotiable in her life. 
Throughout her journey, she has discovered that true health comes from the inside out, and that steady effort and a consistent practice provide the best insight into one’s ever changing inner life.
She places priority on a daily practice with her teacher David Robson of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto, believing that in order to teach effectively, it’s best to walk the talk and share from one’s personal experiences. She hopes to inspire students to come to the mat for themselves to gain a deeper understanding of their physical, mental and emotional worlds. Katie believes that by paying attention to the finer details in yoga – breath & alignment, one can increase their awareness, and as a result, live with more intention, precision and joy in life!
Katie also loves to support others in their wellness goals through the gentle, compassionate styling of restorative yoga & Thai Yoga Massage.