Detox Flow, Soul Flow, Modo, Barre  Instructor.

Monique’s purpose in life is to serve. She discovered this early on through the healing practice of yoga.  Through the application of natural remedies and a consistent yoga practice she was able to emerge from the dark spaces associated with depression and the debilitating effects of hypothyroidism. Recognizing the impact that yoga had on her mind, body, and above all, her spirit, she sought to find a way to give back to the very practice that healed her and inspire others to take the risk and open the doors that lead to self-discovery and growth. In July 2010 Monique immersed herself in the 500 hour Modo Teacher Training.  Since then she has not looked back- completing a Restorative Yoga Certification with world renowned yoga teacher Judith Hanson Lasater as well as a Vinyasa Yoga Certification with the eclectic, inspiring, soul-provoking Seane Corn.  She has also studied with Yumee Chung, Natasha Rizopolous, and many other well known teachers in the yoga community.

Monique passionately believes in letting the yoga do the work.  Allowing the breath, combined with focused movement, to move beyond the initial surface layers of muscle tissue and dig deep into the places we choose to hold trauma in order to release stress and tension is what her classes are about. Whether it be Modo, Vinyasa or Restorative, Monique strives to find a way to open her students’ eyes to their own power- a power that lies deep within them that can help facilitate healing and growth.  Never one to stray away from the realities of life, Monique blends current events, yogic philosophy and knowledge accumulated from her vast love of reading into her classes. She works hard to create a safe, open space where students can feel free to be themselves, whatever level of practice they may currently be at- and often times relies on some of the skills she acquired since becoming a Reiki Master to help do so. Monique is honoured to be teaching yoga, and recognizes the privilege that she has been given. She cares very deeply for her students and is amazed at the opportunity she has to bare witness to the many powerful changes yoga can produce.  Monique says, “One of the most  influential quotes I have ever come across was from Viktor Frankl, and he said “What is to give light must endure burning”.  So I say, let us not be scared to step into the fire in order to become the light that we were destined to be. We all have the ability to be brilliant, it just takes the courage to do so.”

So will you venture out of your comfort zone and dance the dance of life with Monique? She definitely hopes so, and looks forward to seeing you in her class.