Closed as of November 1, 2021.

To Our Beloved Community:

After 14 years of this studio we called our second home, this letter that we write through the fogginess of our tears streaming down our faces to you all doesn’t come easy.
After one of the most difficult decisions to make, it is with a heavy heavy heart that we announce the closing of the studio effective Thursday September 30th.  The last day of in studio classes will be on Thursday and we will continue virtually for the month of October.

With no surprise the effects of the pandemic have hit all small businesses really hard.  Even with subsidies and the amazing support from our community, you, staff and teachers, it wasn’t enough to help us break through the corner we were backed into.
Financially it wasn’t feasible to continue to fight through all of the challenges we were faced and we were forced to make this decision to close our doors to prevent us from going deeper into the hole that we were already in due to the pandemic.

After 14 years of being opened this has been the hardest decision we have ever made.  So many memories, lives changed, students that transitioned from volunteers to teachers and some of them now moms..hey Leah and I are one of those!  Some of the best clients here have become close friends.  We’ve seen people go from chronic pain to no pain; from depression to happiness.  This was a second home to many and it seems like an end of an era.  We hope this is just a temporary goodbye until this pandemic settles and businesses can operate without restrictions, stop and gos, find a better location with better landlords who are willing to support us.

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer refunds so we have reached out to our local yoga communities and they are willing to honour some of your passes.  There may be some restrictions due to limited capacity so be patient as we work out the kinks.  The studios that have agreed to honour some of your passes are as follows:

Yoga and Lifestyle
Modo Yoga Scarborough
Modo Yoga Pickering
Modo Yoga Brooklin
Modo Yoga Maple

Please contact them directly and they will cross reference with us about your remaining classes.

We honour you all, we love you all, we apologize that this wasn’t better news, and we hope to stay connected to you all virtually in case an opportunity to reopen once again arises.

The light in us, honours the light in each and every one of you.

Denise, Jill & Leah

As of August 1, 2021- the old Modo App no longer works. Please use website or download new one: Modo Yoga (Canada, LA & Miami) from iphone app store or Google Play- be sure it’s a flame within black circle. You may need to use Forgot Password to reset if you can’t remember you mindbody login (the one you would use for My Account on our website).