We couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have found a temporary space to offer classes again, and will be re-opening our doors at the new location this weekend. We couldn’t be more excited!There were moments we wanted to give up and throw in the towel, but because of our community and your reaching out and sending us positive messages we knew we couldn’t give up yet.  “I’m waiting until you guys to relocate”“I’ll know this isn’t the end of Modo Yoga Markham”“Nothing compares to the MYM studio”“I’ve found a place, go and check it out!”We couldn’t ignore that energy and love and knew we had to keep on searching for a space to welcome you all back.  We were so lucky to connect with the ladies at The Bike and Barre Studio, and we thought we would just check it out.It is a beautiful space, and we just clicked with Gabby and Christina, the owners, and we thought this would be a great space to offer yoga to our sangha.  We will be joining forces with them and will be sharing the space.

Classes will begin May 22nd 2022