Mama. teacher. Spiritual Medium. Fascinated by the subtleties of form and light, I am inspired by modern mysticism rooted in ancestral wisdom. I share a deep understanding of the subtle body, mindfulness, and the importance of ritual as a reminder of the sacred. I consider mindful movement as medicine, knowing that in the embodiment of humanity we are powerful self-healers. My philosophy is self-guidance through self study (svādhyāya). From the teachings of the inner guru we come into our truest powers.

Through years of practice and teaching, I see truth in living in a state of union and encouraging the expression of love over fear. I have been exploring consciousness my entire life. With authenticity, I mean to meet each student where they are now- with love and light to empower. With humility and gratitude, I look forward to sharing with you the art of attention, power of faith, and therapeutic quality of mindful living for optimal wellbeing.