Growing up, I always longed for a deeper understanding of myself.  A few profound experiences early in life solidified the awareness that I am more than this physical body and that my thoughts, and feelings have an impact on the world around me.  Growing up on a farm gave me a grounded foundation, but this only led to a desire to jump as high and as far as I could!
After completing a Psychology and then a Business degree, I worked in Management of large international corporations, only to recognize how little satisfaction the corporate ladder generated.  My first Yoga teacher training gave me this deep sense of ‘purpose’ where it was clear that Service to Others is the path of thriving.  I completed a Masters Degree in Adult Education (under the faculty of Philosophy) and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resource Management, and have been working with Educators and Corporations in Health and Wellness Adult Education since.
Yoga may not be “THE” way to self mastery, but it certainly is “A” way, and I love sharing the impact of this practice with others.  Outside of Yoga, I am a Life Coach, Intuitive Massage Therapist, and Light Worker.  Interested in Energy Influence?  Let’s chat 😉