We miss you and we hope that everyone is healthy and safe.

April 3rd, 2020 

Sending out so much love and respect for everyone on the front line, from those of you in health care to those of you selling our food… you are amazing and we can’t thank you enough for everything you are doing.

We hope that your yoga practice has helped these past few days.Sometimes taking a deep breath and being present can make all the difference in the world.

So, what’s going on? What happens next? We have had a lot of questions and want to answer them here. If you have any concerns or questions we don’t cover please reach out to manager@modoyogamilton.com.

When will Modo Milton reopen?
  • Modo Milton will remain closed for as long as the government recommends. We are committed to our town and the health and safety of everyone in it.
  • We are working on some changes for when we reopen. We will lowering our class capacity and mark the practice room floor to allow for more space between students. We will slightly shift the schedule to avoid one class leaving and another coming in at the same time. As always, we will continue stringent cleaning protocols and disinfecting at the studio.
What about my membership payments?
  • A huge thank you to those of you who kept your membership going this month. We will be applying the $100 ($80 for sunrise) credit to your account after 30 days (from the day the studio closed).
  • We have perks for continued memberships, like free Modo Online and free Live to Learn workshops. See below for all of the details.
  • We completely understand if you need to put your membership on hold. Once the 30 days with the $100 ($80 for sunrise) credit applied is over the hold request will kick in. This is the Hold Form to fill out for a request. We will also be reaching out to all of you personally to check in and help make the best choice for you.
How can I help?
  • Take care of yourself and don’t be a stranger… follow us on social media and join our Instagram live classes.
  • If you need to buy a gift for someone please consider a gift card from MYM. We will have a gift card promotion running while we are closed. You can even buy one for yourself… it’s a great deal!
  • Join Modo Online. Your first month is free and after that proceeds will come back to Modo Milton to support the studio
  • Get ready to start your sweaty practice with a bang!!! When this is over…which it will be, let us see your beautiful face at the studio.

We are creating a story of coming together as a community at the same time as we self-isolate. We might not see each other’s faces but we are still connected. Thank you for making Modo Yoga Milton the amazing community that it is!

With love and gratitude,
Tracey and Joe


To our amazing Modo Milton Community,

March 16rd, 2020 

We had hoped that Modo Milton could offer some peace during this turbulent time. But things are changing by the second and it is now important that we temporarily close, effective immediately. In this time:

• Year passes will be extended to reflect the time we closed

• Class cards never expire 

We have created another option for Modo Membership.  If you let your membership payment continue you will receive:

• $100 credit on your account to use for retail, class cards and gift cards. ($80 for sunrise members)

• FREE access to Modo Yoga Online classes and FREE access to the Live to Learn series.

If you decide that holding your membership is the best choice for you please fill out this FORM and we will take care of everything.  Please be patient with us in our reply and know that if you choose to hold it will automatically start on the date of closure (even if you don’t see it on your account right away.)

We will have more info about Modo Online very soon. In short, this platform has been in the works for a long time and it will allow you to practice Modo Yoga from home!  

These are uncertain times. With uncertainty comes anxiety, and a sense of a loss of control. But here’s the thing: we’ve been training for this. Every time we have stepped on our mats, every time we’ve paid attention to our breath, every time we have moved through our practice in a present state... We are all ready for this. 

So, what can you do? Practice. Take a forward bend or a child’s pose. Bring the breath deep into your belly and observe your thoughts. Keep doing what you’ve been doing all along. Know that your community is here, that you have the tools to make it through this, and that this too will pass. 

With Massive Gratitude and Love

Modo Yoga Milton

Tracey and Joe