Reopening MYM

It’s almost time! We are reopening on Tuesday September 8th, right after Labour Day. There are so many things to share about our reopening…and this is the place to find answers.

We have a new waiver for everyone to sign before coming back to the studio.  Please take a minute and fill it out now…. WAIVER.


  • Please put a mask on when entering the studio. Masks need to be worn at all times, except when
    you are practicing.
  • Sanitize your hands when you arrive
  • Follow the social distancing stickers on the floor.
  • Give your name at the front desk so we can check that you are signed in for class.
  • Please bring as little into the studio as possible. Leave personal belongings at home, or in your vehicle.
  • If possible please come to the studio with your yoga clothes on.  This will make social distancing
    in the change rooms easier.
  • Cell phones and keys can be brought into the hot room. (Phones must be turned off). 
  • Please respect social distancing.
  • No showers will be available during this time


  • Masks are cool, our staff will be wearing masks in the common areas.
  • There is a partition at the front desk to help maintain social distancing.
  • Social distancing flames will be on the floor.
  • Daily temperature checks conducted for all staff.
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispensers are placed throughout the studio.
  • We have changed to touchless soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers
  • We have enhanced cleaning procedures at all times of the day. 
  • The studio is disinfected from head to toe every week by Enviro Masters



  • Our hot room has been measured for social distance spacing.
  • There are markers on the floor to ensure proper mat placement.
  • The teacher will not be walking around during class.
  • There will be no props or rental equipment but you are welcome to bring your own.
  • We will be modifying some breathing techniques throughout the class.


  • Enjoy Savasana.
  • Be mindful of social distancing when you are ready to leave the hot room. The practice room
    door will be left open to make leaving easier.
  • Please do not linger in the common areas. We would love to chat but we need time to fully clean
    and disinfect the studio for the next class.
  • Sanitize your hands when you leave.
  • Do not forget your things, we will have very little space for lost + found.


  • We have changed the schedule to allow for at least 45 minutes between each class.
    This allows us to fully clean and disinfect the studio. 
  • We are starting with a reduced schedule in September.  This allows us to see where everyone is at.
    We will move to our full schedule as soon as possible.
  • The studio will be locked until 15 minutes before class..
  • Please only use the change rooms for the washrooms.  If possible leave personal belongings in
    your car or in the front hallway
  • Please ask for assistance on retail items. Do not touch what you are not going to buy.
  • We miss you all, our goal is to move into a more normal studio experience together.