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Ava Salem

My yoga journey began in 2013. I had no idea what to expect when I registered for my very first yoga class, but I do remember that class very clearly. I walked into the studio, checked in at the front desk, told the instructor that it was my first ever yoga class. The teacher instructed me to set up my mat and let me know which part of the┬ároom was a bit ‘cooler’ than others so as not to become overwhelmed with the heat. I walked into the hot room, set my mat down and settled into my spot. The class was intense at first but the feeling afterward was all it took to keep me coming back, and I haven’t left since – I would sometimes attend practice 4-5 times per week! One day after practice, I saw a poster in the change room for yoga teacher training, and after much thought I decided to attend the training in Ecuador in 2019 with no intention of teaching, I saw it as an opportunity to get away somewhere warm for 30 days and deepen my practice at the same time. That all changed upon returning and within a couple of months after teacher training, I was on the schedule to teach my very first yoga class and have continued teaching ever since. This practice has been life changing for me, and I am so very grateful to be able to share my passion with as many people as I can and to be a part of an amazing community