Jenn Crittenden

My yoga journey started back in January 2012 with an intention to find who i really was…to dig deep and somewhat sort through the cobwebs of life that i was experiencing. Indeed, i was struggling. It wasn’t until i started to cultivate a practice for almost 6 years now that i found it to be quite helpful and it continues to grow. I decided to join the Energy Exchange Program which allowed me to give back and involve myself within the community. I knew then that there was more to this practice. In 2015, I humbly took the role of EE Manager. In doing so, i have created an inspiring team of EE’s who are committed to bringing out the best of our studio on all levels. My journey continued to flourish in 2018 when i decided to take Teacher Training in Nicaragua. I have been teaching the regular Modo Series since training ended and i am looking forward to furthering my knowledge to other styles of yoga in the future such as Yin & Flow. The possibilities are endless really! I am completely humbled and grateful that i am able to teach my passion and to provide a deep sense of self for my students through my teaching. My mission is to help students nurture and challenge their body, mind and spirit by clearly and compassionately guiding them through a yoga practice that is skillful, intelligent and enjoyable.