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Jenn Crittenden

Hi! So glad you’re here. In 2012 I rolled out my mat for the first time and it was an experience I never thought was possible. 2018 I received my 500 hr Modo Training followed by Modo Flow training in 2019.

The Modo series is a structured class where students can find themselves immersed in a deep mindful moving meditation. The opportunity to slow things down. To feel a little more.

My flow style of teaching can be described as dynamic, fluid and creative. The way I teach is functional, strength building, with the integration of targeted mobility and flexibility work.
I’m always trying to make this journey as much fun as possible and love to link different movements very creatively and connect the inner journey with the outer expression of the body.
My mission is to help students nurture and challenge their body, mind and spirit by clearly and compassionately guiding them through a yoga practice that is skillful, intelligent + enjoyable! See you on your mat