Judy Wood

(also known as Momma Wood)

I decided to try yoga in my 50s and it became an instant love affair! In 2011 I retired from a 30 year career in hairdressing and boarded a plane for five weeks in Brazil and completed the first level of Modo teacher training. As my family so sweetly put it: Mom, go live your dream.

In 2012 I completed Modo Flow training. At 57 I was the oldest teacher in the training and I was lovingly given the nickname ‘Momma Wood’ which I wear proudly to this day, seven years later.

Modo Yoga Milton is my home studio where I started as a trade to training and into teaching. I also teach at Modo Yoga Brampton.

As an older teacher, my goal is to inspire men and women of retirement age to go out and enjoy their retirement and to show by example that you’re never too old to start something new. My goal in every class I teach is take each student on a beautiful experience. I love how the Modo series allows this platform; Modo can be whatever the student needs. If they want a therapeutic practice, it’s there; if they want a challenge, it’s there.

One of Modo’s pillars is live to learn. So, when I’m not teaching you can find me either at studios around the Modo community or on a yoga safari trying various styles of yoga classes or at the many workshops the Modo community offers.

Outside of yoga my deepest joys come from watching my two grandchildren, Audrina 6 and Talan 10. I’m married to the love of my life and we have two children, Debra 40 and Jake 25.