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Misty Nova

I spent most of my life feeling lost, not knowing what I wanted to do “when I grow up”.
I had always felt drawn to help people I just never knew how.
In November 2016 that all changed when I walked through the doors of Modo Yoga Milton. I had tried yoga in the past and absolutely hated it.
I walked through the door feeling pretty small, I purchased my Intro Special and laid my mat right by the door to allow for an easy exit. I had no idea that that 75min class would change my life completely. This was what I had been searching for.
I decided then and there that I wanted to be more involved within the MYM community and once my Intro was over I joined the Energy Exchange program.
Shortly after I took on a Manager role and in 2019 I took the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador.
This practice allowed me to clear my mind of the racing thoughts for the first time in my life. Tracey and Jose lifted me up and gave me the confidence to believe I can accomplish anything and I will forever be grateful that I took that first step through the doors of MYM.