Monica Goulart

I started out in the back corner of the room,
totally out of my element or so I thought. Five years
later no one could have predicted yoga teacher training.
Becoming part of the studio energy exchange program,
giving back to my community & to a studio that has supported
my growth, practice & willingness to learn more.
Ecuador 2019 would lead the next chapter of my life, being
one of the most amazing experiences. With the
loving support of my husband & two children, holding
space for over a month allowing me to grow.
Yoga transformed me from the inside out. Yoga opened
up a path, & gently guided me towards movement strength & breath.
I have lived in Milton for nineteen years. By day for over
27 years I have worked as a pharmacy technician. My love of
reading, garment sewing & scrapbooking feed me through our long winters.
I am excited to continue my journey , to grow & learn as a yoga teacher.
But mostly I am humbled & honoured to practise along side my students ,
my fellow yogis … one breath at a time.