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Nicole Hagley

I joined the Modo Yoga Milton community back when Modo was Moksha on James Snow Parkway.  Before joining the Modo/Moksha community, I had tried yoga before and didn’t think it was an activity for me, until a friend told me about hot yoga and all of its benefits.  I am so glad I took a chance and tried the practice in a hot room once again!  When I attended my first class, I remember the moment I walked into the heat, felt the calm of the space lit by soft candles, and when I laid down on my mat with the others in the room, I distinctly remember the feeling of connection and contentment.    


Back in July 2020, I was in an awful, life-changing mountain biking accident where I acquired a traumatic brain injury.  About a year and a half into my healing journey, I ‘graduated’ from my Vestibular Physiotherapy into the ability to start yoga.  This was a huge turning point for me.  Here, I found my community and a sense of purpose once again.  I began to volunteer as an Energy Exchanger, so that I could give back to the Studio that was giving me so much in this journey.  Here, I am able to work on so many aspects of my brain recovery, without any judgement.   I am so grateful for the role yoga has had in my ongoing healing journey from my traumatic brain injury – it has been such an integral part of my healing and growth.  


Just after my return to the Studio in the late Fall of 2021, the opportunity arose for me to enter the next phase of my healing and to move forward into Teacher Training.  As an educator and a past National athlete, becoming a Yoga Teacher has brought together so many of my passions.  I love bringing together and integrating all 6 of the Modo Pillars to build a safe and inclusive space, where all practitioners feel empowered to continue learning more about their practice and about themselves.


Our Milton Modo Yoga Studio is such a welcoming community, one that honours individuals and their own purpose and personal growth, and the inclusive acceptance of all who enter their doors and it is with much gratitude that I am part of this community.