Sharon Gerrity

I am 47 years old. In October 2015, I walked into Modo Yoga Milton and did my first yoga class. It changed my life for the better, when barre classes were offered I was very excited to try them. With a combination of barre, yoga and healthy eating I lost 50lbs in a year. I also gained a passion for barre and sharing my love of it.


I did Barre teacher training 3 years ago and have been on the Modo Barre schedule since then. I love seeing men and women try a barre class for the first time. The experience is not at all what they expected and they always return! I have seen lots of men and women change their bodies in front of my eyes, gaining lean muscle, confidence and making friends. I think and hope my love for barre shines through in every class I teach. With a combination of barre and yoga great things can happen! I know this for a fact.  See you at the studio