The Mindful Living Course provides tools for navigating life’s challenges, building resilience and cultivating joy.

The Course takes place online via Zoom, and consists of four 3-hour lectures, two live Q&A sessions, journalling prompts, and a dedicated chat group for participants.

It will be led by Modo Yoga co-founders, Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson, who have been teaching yoga, breathwork and meditation for over 15 years. They're both really looking forward to connecting with anyone who may need a little extra support during these challenging times.


Students in The Mindful Living Course will learn tools that help people find more peace, comfort and resilience in their lives. Attendees will learn about cutting-edge research and tried and true traditional practices to motivate people to live a whole, active and meaningful life. Participants will also explore techniques to manage their mental landscape, tips for developing a self care and wellness routine, and effective tools for managing stress.


- A computer or smartphone

- A chair or meditation cushion

- A journal

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One of the most important aspects of Modo Yoga’s Be Accessible pillar is upholding Human Rights and advocating for equality.  At the same time, we are aware that yoga communities across North America, including Modo, are predominantly white.

We are actively working to change this reality, and to be a more inclusive and accessible community. Our goal is to create welcoming spaces, where ALL students feel safe and supported to practice, connect and/or grow as individuals.

For the Mindful Living Course, a sliding scale of payment options are available to support the BIPOC community.

Will the sessions for this course be recorded? Do I have to attend all sessions in real time?

We’d feel pretty silly if the Mindful Living Course stressed you out. Part of our Be Accessible Pillar is making sure that learning is as suited to as many lifestyles and schedules as possible. In short, yes. All sessions will be recorded.  If something comes up, or you have something planned for one of the Sundays, you will have access to The Flame—our online learning portal—for a full month after the course ends. You’ll be able to access any of the recordings there, at your leisure.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. Many employers are looking at participation in Mindfulness learning as a big advantage.  We want you to get the most out of the course, and part of that is gleaning any professional benefits that come with a certificate of participation. Upon completion of the course we’ll send you a digital certificate confirming your participation, signed by the Course facilitators, Modo Co-Founders Jess Robertson and Ted Grand.

Is this course useful for someone with an active meditation practice?

Absolutely.  One of Modo’s 6 Pillars—Live to Learn—was actually inspired by the Buddhist teaching of the beginner’s mind. It is fascinating to see that some of the most trained and most highly educated Modo teachers are often the teachers that sign up for courses and trainings first.  There is a richness that comes from learning within a community that is not present when we are practicing out there alone in the me/mine space alone. If you are a seasoned Mindfulness Practitioner and you do join the course, know that you will be in good company. The course already has participants signed up that are beginners and lifelong Mindfulness learners.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of things as they really are, without the burden of distraction, ego or agenda. It is simple, easeful and provides a feeling of spaciousness and well-being.   Mindfulness is being aware of everything as it arises without any sense of critique or evaluation.

Why study mindfulness?

It is difficult to let something go if you’re not aware that you’re holding onto it.  Developing the skills that allow us to experience the present also allows us to truly feel and see the full spectrum of our thoughts and emotions. When we are able to see this full spectrum, we are at the helm of creating our own life experiences. 

Why is Modo offering The Mindful Living Course?

People are experiencing a lot of stress these days, perhaps more than they did prior to COVID-19.  We had a lot of people asking for more Breathwork with Jess and more information about meditation techniques and tools with Ted. Ted and Jess have been teaching Breathwork and Meditation exclusively to the teacher training groups and are so looking forward to connecting with anyone that may need a little extra support and some stress-relief tools during these incredibly challenging times.

Why should I take The Mindful Living Course?

We are all going through a challenging time with COVID-19 on some level or another. Studying alone is great, but studying with a community of humans who are actively working towards cultivating more resilience and peace is powerful. Even when COVID is over, life has its fair share of challenges and it is wise to continually develop our tools for well-being and health.

What will participants learn?

Students in The Mindful Living Course will learn 6 Tools of Mindfulness that help people find more peace, comfort and resilience in their lives. Attendees will learn about scientific research associated with the benefits of these practices as well as tried and true traditional practices to motivate people to live a whole, active and meaningful life. Participants will also explore techniques to manage their mental landscape, tips for developing self care practices and creating a self-directed wellness routine.

Where could someone apply these tools of mindfulness?

  • Dealing with times of uncertainty
  • Addressing Overwhelm
  • Better manage everyday stress
  • Managing difficult decisions
  • Generating more focus
  • Achieving peak life performance
  • Achieving peak sports performance
  • Create better workplace wellness
  • Improve and enhance relationships
  • Help with health and healing
  • Optimizing athletics/sports performance
  • Helping students/academics with generating good and sustainable study habits
  • Creating better mental health and wellness
  • Injury recovery
  • And, so much more!

Are there any prerequisites?

None! This course is open to anyone interested in a more calm, content and resilient life.  Tell your family and friends 🙂

What will I need to participate?

  • A computer/smartphone.
  • A chair or meditation cushion. 
  • A journal

Who is leading this course? Who is on the teaching faculty?

This inaugural Mindful Living Course will be facilitated by Modo Yoga co-founders/leaders Ted Grand and Jess Robertson.

Where will sessions be held?

All lectures will be held on Zoom, and all on-demand course material will be shared via The Flame (our online learning platform). All lectures will be recorded.

How much does The Mindful Living Course cost?

Regular pricing for The Mindful Living Course is  $500.

During COVID times, we are offering this course at a special price of $250.

Will this be an ongoing offering?

Yes, we plan to offer this on an ongoing basis, although faculty and pricing may change.

How is the Mindful Living Course different from any other Modo training?

The Mindful Living Course is a course, not a teacher training. This course is about practice and enriching our lives as participants.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation that can be used for employee benefit programs, resumés and CVs. 

NOTE: The Modo Mindfulness Teacher Training is in development. The Mindful Living Course will be a prerequisite for the Mindfulness training.