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Australia Updates w/ Team Doucette-Zachman

Hello from Australia. Our family is here in Melbourne to support our daughter Emily who is doing a term of school at Melbourne Montessori. Also, her little brother Finn will also start school here two days a week. How fun is that?

While she is at school, Ryann and I are still hard at work, doing our work remotely. Part of that work is to try out lots of vegan food and allow inspiration and growth to spark new ideas for when the patio season arrives.

One awesome thing that happened, is that I randomly bumped into one of our first employees on a bus here. Zali is from this great city and we talked about connecting, but then like magic, we ended up on the same bus!

We even found Modo Yoga here.  See the pic above, it’s Ryann with the future owners of Modo Yoga Melbourne.  Every Sunday we head to Carlton Gardens for an outdoor class with Jo.  So much fun!

Here are a few videos of our adventures! Password for the videos is: AUS2020

AUSTRALIA UPDATE 1 – Exploring Before School Starts

AUSTRALIA UPDATE 2 – Australian Open

AUSTRALIA UPDATE 3 – School Starts For Emily