be community

Be Community

Merriam-Webster defines community as, “a unified body of individuals.” The question then is what unites you to others? Is it being born into a certain family or living in a particular place? Perhaps it’s something bigger like a shared value or simpler like enjoying yoga. Whatever your communities are, they exist because individuals are a part of them –because you are a part of them.

That’s the same with the Modo community. It exists, in part, because you are in it. One of Modo’s founding beliefs is that –we’re stronger together when we reach out and support one another. So, let’s reach out and support one another! You are an important part of this, and there are many ways for you to engage.

Connect at the Studio

Be the community you want to see at the studio. Do you want to know more people? Start a conversation or make time for a cup of tea. Do you see someone struggling (or feel it yourself)? Send supportive breath. Do you want to do something crazy? Ask a staff person, Modo Minneapolis yogis have been known to jump in frozen lakes and make snow angels at 7:00 am.

Reach Out to the Broader Community

Start your Friday night with a donation-based Karma Class to support local and international not-for-profits or volunteer at the Simpson House where we serve meals to those in need. Since 2004, Modo Studios have collectively raised over 3.2 million dollars, thanks in part to Karma Classes. Reading the blackboards at the studio is also a great way to stay informed and learn how to support community, like the recent call for donations for a member who was in a severe car accident.

Make Supportive Choices

Be Green like Be Community is one of Modo’s 6 Pillars. By making more sustainable choices we support the natural world and the largest community of all, those who depend on it. Modo’s commitment to the Be Green Pillar runs deep. They construct sustainable studios and power them with renewable energy –you support this work by choosing to attend Modo studios. You can also contribute by sharing green ideas for the Minneapolis studio and by making sustainable choices a part of your daily life.

All of us practicing at Modo are a part of a unified body of individuals, we are a community. We are stronger together and stronger still because of you.

Written by Kim Richards