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Clothing Swap | Sun, Nov 13th

In a world that champions consumption and in a fashion industry that thrives on overproduction, we need to find ways to wear and love the clothes that already exist more than ever before. Clothing swaps do just that!   Details
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Hand holding up the book, ‘what do you do with an idea’

Story Time: What Do You Do With An Idea?

At the beginning of Covid in 2020 we hosted a ‘PRACTICE AT HOME 30 DAY CHALLENGE.’ It was a fun way to unite in a tough time. During the challenge, our team offered up mini workshops (wrists, spine & sun
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Our teacher cait holding waits in barre class

What Is Barre All About?

Many of you say to us, “I want to try Barre, but it seems too hard for me.” Like every class we offer at Modo, you simply just show up and start where you are. You can do this. To
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