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You Deserve it!

We so often reward ourselves with choices that don’t make us feel better. I’m exhausted from the day; I deserve to binge-watch television. I’ve been exercising more; I’ve earned more junk food. What if we flipped this dialogue to reward
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tips for living a healthy life

Pillar “Be Healthy” – Tips For Living Healthy

Being healthy these days can sometimes feel overwhelming. You have to be constantly looking at calorie counts, good/bad fats, carbs, and as well as your sugar intake. Not to mention the recent/old standby diet fads and the fact that what
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Sober Surprise

As part of my yoga training certificate, I gave up alcohol the months of October and November.  There was some self-congratulating take place for sure as I told myself, I can’t believe this is all I have to do–in the
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